Always singing in the shower? Looking for an affordable and efficient waterproof shower speaker? Funky Pod’s waterproof shower speaker is an ideal option. Whether you are showering, sitting by the pool, working out on the beach or even camping, this waterproof Bluetooth speaker makes you relax while you can still enjoy your favorite music. This speaker features an easy control system with a long time of audio playback. Its built-in microphone for hands-free phone calls allows you receive urgent phone calls from family, friends or work while showering. With its easy operating system and its low cost, Funky Pod’s waterproof shower speaker is a must-have accessory for everyone.


Technical Specifications:

  • Water Resistant: The accessory is designed to survive in wet areas thanks to its water-resistant loud speaker and its built-in microphone that makes it fit for outdoor and indoor activities alike. Its elegant design and small size make it portable to any place.
  • Easy Bluetooth Connection: The speaker can be equally connected to your tablet, smartphone, or computer in a matter of seconds. You can control songs and control the volume of the speaker. The speaker will connect from more than 30 feet away to make you enjoy your music while you are showering. It is has a USB charge and automatically pairs with your device once in range.
  • Compatible with all types of Bluetooth media players and electronic devices (smartphones, tablets. computers, apple and android devices)
  • Long Battery Life: FunkyPod’s waterproof shower speaker has a long lasting battery. It can give you up to 6 hours of audio playback before you need to charge it again. To charge it, plug it into the charger and in less than 3 hours, the speaker will be fully charged and ready to use.
  • An Attachable suction cup: The speaker suctions well to the wall of your shower or any other flat surface. It can suction also to the back of your smartphone.
  • Amazing Sound Quality: You get premium sound quality that enhances your experience of music and phone calls.

Where to use this speaker:

The speaker can be used everywhere. It is portable and can suction to any flat surface indoor and outdoor. This waterproof Bluetooth speaker is specifically designed to give you a unique musical experience in wet and dry areas alike. In the shower, by the pool, on the beach, driving or camping, FunkyPod’s waterproof Bluetooth shower speaker is your ultimate choice for an enhanced musical experience.

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