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Most Popular Bikini Trends of 2018

Bikini Trends

Ever since its creation, the bikini has given ladies the freedom to soak in the sun and enjoy some fun. By covering all the right spots while revealing just enough skin, the bikini is a beach or poolside staple. Furthermore, every girl should have one in their closet. Just like any other type of clothing, the bikini has improved over time with new trends emerging every year. Here are some of the most popular bikini trends of 2018.

The Triangle bikini

The triangle bikini is hot right now and guaranteed to be a hit in 2018. The classic style is well known for its triangular cups. Today, you can get it in a variety of beautiful designs. Furthermore, designers have improved this bikini with enhancers that push up your bust resulting in enviable curves. Designers have also incorporated underwire into the bikini for comfort while wearing it. Available with string fasteners that help you to adjust the bikini to a perfect fit, the triangle bikini is a trend to watch in 2018.

The Velvet bikini

Making a major comeback, the velvet bikini is one of the trends to watch in 2018. Having broken into the scene in the 90’s, this bikini style is back. With the soft velvet fabric, this type of bikini is highly comfortable and attractive at the same time. In addition to that, this fabric guarantees style and comfort whenever you wear it. Available in a variety of colors, designs and patterns, the velvet bikini is a poolside and beach staple which is guaranteed to trend in 2018.

The Brazilian bikini

Inspired by the South American country of Brazil, this is a bikini style, which is fun, colorful, vivid and comfortable. Always sexy, the Brazilian bikini is always getting updated with the latest fabrics, patterns, prints and style structures. In 2018, this sweet beach attire will trend thanks to new neon colors and animal print Brazilian bikinis. Capable of revealing just enough while keeping you completely comfortable, this bikini is a must have.


Never has there been such a successful, eclectic combination in the world of fashion. The tankini is a staple in many women’s wardrobes. By delivering the comfort and coverage of a tank top with the freedom of a bikini, the tankini provides for all tastes. In 2018, a range of new fabrics, patterns, prints and textures have emerged for the tankini. They are attractive and beautiful for all body shapes and sizes. It is a swimwear trend which is guaranteed to be popular.

The trikini

Few women’s clothes can enhance your figure and flatter the curves like a trikini. Featuring a fabric strip at the front, the trikini brings the comfort and function of a one piece to the fabulous appearance of a bikini. Thanks to its structure, the trikini is a versatile piece loved by women. Seeing as it is currently trending, you can expect to see it at poolsides and beaches in 2018.

The high neck bikini 

Also known as the crop top bikini, this is a trendy type of swimwear today. The high neck bikini combines form and function. Covering much of the chest it is for those who want to be modestly sexy at the beach or the pool. As a result of innovative designs and fantastic fabrics the high neck bikini has made a comeback and is going to trend in 2018.


History was made on July 5th 1946 when the very first bikini was designed and revealed to the world by Frenchman Louis Réard. Ever since then, the beautiful poolside and beach staple has been reinvented countless times. The bikini designs described above are going to be popular trends in 2018. Make sure to get yours in time for the summer.

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