Funky Pods’ Hamburger Speakers are portable, manageable and highly powerful mini devices, which offer an excellent and first-rate quality sound. These handy devices have an elegant, neat and user-friendly design.


The versatile, high-volume speakers can easily be connected to any apparatus with a 3.5mm jack. The compact mini hamburger speakers come with a built-in rechargeable battery that has a very long life. The speaker can be charged easily by the USB cable provided alongside the product. The rated voltage of the hamburger speakers are 3.7V DC and the rated power is 2W.

A special and lovely feature is that the device can give an excellent performance for about one to two hours. The charging time comes only around three hours. The on/off button in the equipment serves to switch on and switch off the mini speaker. This comfy speaker has a long standby mode and it offers brilliant bass sound.

Another incredible and unique feature of the product is that the speaker can be expanded and used according to any occasion. The folded size of the product has a diameter of approximately 5cm and a height of about 3.5cm (5cm 3.5 cm). The unfolded size of the apparatus has a diameter of about 5cm. The height of the unfolded mode is about 5cm (5cm 5 cm). This exceptional feature makes this product quite advantageous and desirable among many buyers.

Other specifications

This trendy and stylish portable mini speaker has a design layout in plastic material. Another exceptional quality of this apparatus is that it has a solid body, which has a fairly good grip. The original color of this amazing and remarkable product comes in a chic black one, but is now also available in purple!

The device is quite convenient to carry anywhere as the weight comes around 56 gram only. The interface type of the product is USB, the speaker type of the speakers is Surround’ and the audio classification is Mini.

Another marvelous feature is that it comes with high quality hi fi boxes. The length of the USB cable is around 440 cm, long enough to guarantee efficient connections through a fairly large room. Hamburger Speaker

This solid hamburger speaker supports Line IN function and it can be connected with a wide range of devices like Mp3, MP4, PC, Notebook, phones etc. Another one of the features of the products is that they are very flexible and can be used for a variety of purposes. They function perfectly well in the home theatre system and give a whole new experience to the music lovers. This means that they can even be used with any portable audio player.

It is also interesting to note that due to their high volume speaker specialty, they can be used with karaoke player. This makes them highly useful for stage performances, in parties, celebrations, birthday functions, weddings, club activities and in all friendly gatherings.

The portable capabilities of the speakers make them easy to transport anywhere and thus enjoying music anytime has become quite easy. The package that each customer receives, while buying the product, has one mini speaker and one micro USB charging cable.

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