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Funky Pods Earphones – great sound everywhere you go!

Earbuds are a type of earphone that rest on the outer ear or need to be inserted into the sound canal. While there are numerous brands of earbuds out there, Funky Pods earbuds are very special. They are specifically designed for your ears and are extremely comfortable to wear. Don’t be fooled by their appearance as these they may look very similar to the earpieces that you get as freebies with portable music players and mobile phones. The similarity stops there as these ear pods produce superior sound with an excellent soundstage. Read further to find out why you should buy one.

Off late, the headphones industry has become more interested in how a product looks rather than how it sounds. Funky Pods earphones belong to that rare group which thinks that both design and sound are important. This thinking shows in the design of these sleek ear pods that are suitable for all kinds of ears. The thoughtful design of these earbuds does not end there. The acoustic components are well machined and extend into your sound tunnel to deliver sound directly into the ears. The earphones are available in a host of vibrant colours to suit all your moods. Since they are highly affordable, you can buy more than one and swap them on a daily basis! What more? They are sweat resistant, too which means that you can use them during all your activities including workouts.

On the cable of Funky Pods earbuds, you will find a built-in remote control and microphone. This in-line controller guarantees that you don’t need to take your phone out of your pocket for changing tracks or for taking phone calls while on the go. After a few days of typical use, you will vouch that it is a simple task to take them out of your pocket without facing any hassles due to the tangle-free nature of the cables. Although the earbuds are small in stature and size, they are solidly built and can withstand the daily rigours and the everyday use a typical customer like you. Since they are in-ear, they require a certain level of care. But with proper care, they can last for a long time.

A Funky Pods earphone is just not a pretty package alone, it produces an incredible sound too. There is a solid emphasis on bass. At the same time, all the other frequencies including middle, high and upper trebles are given their proper due. This results in the production of well-rounded and well-staged compact sound that will surprise you. True to its design, this in-ear earphone gives complete noise isolation, keeping your music in and other surrounding noises out.

These earbuds are compatible with all electronic devices including iPhone, iPad and iPod. You can enjoy free shipping from anywhere in Australia. For all the latest updates, you can follow us on Instagram and Google Plus.

Go ahead. Order a pair of Funky Pods earbuds and enjoy high-quality sound right from your pocket.

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