Velkommen til Funky Pods!

Velkommen til Funky Pods!

Her på vores hjemmeside kan du finde de mest farverige høretelefoner og de flotteste bikinier.

Vores høretelefoner har integreret mikrofon og de er utrolige lette.

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Bikini Trends
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Most Popular Bikini Trends of 2018

Bikini Trends

Ever since its creation, the bikini has given ladies the freedom to soak in the sun and enjoy some fun. By covering all the right spots while revealing just enough skin, the bikini is a beach or poolside staple. Furthermore, every girl should have one in their closet. Just like any other type of clothing, the bikini has improved over time with new trends emerging every year. Here are some of the most popular bikini trends of 2018.

The Triangle bikini

The triangle bikini is hot right now and guaranteed to be a hit in 2018. The classic style is well known for its triangular cups. Today, you can get it in a variety of beautiful designs. Furthermore, designers have improved this bikini with enhancers that push up your bust resulting in enviable curves. Designers have also incorporated underwire into the bikini for comfort while wearing it. Available with string fasteners that help you to adjust the bikini to a perfect fit, the triangle bikini is a trend to watch in 2018.

The Velvet bikini

Making a major comeback, the velvet bikini is one of the trends to watch in 2018. Having broken into the scene in the 90’s, this bikini style is back. With the soft velvet fabric, this type of bikini is highly comfortable and attractive at the same time. In addition to that, this fabric guarantees style and comfort whenever you wear it. Available in a variety of colors, designs and patterns, the velvet bikini is a poolside and beach staple which is guaranteed to trend in 2018.

The Brazilian bikini

Inspired by the South American country of Brazil, this is a bikini style, which is fun, colorful, vivid and comfortable. Always sexy, the Brazilian bikini is always getting updated with the latest fabrics, patterns, prints and style structures. In 2018, this sweet beach attire will trend thanks to new neon colors and animal print Brazilian bikinis. Capable of revealing just enough while keeping you completely comfortable, this bikini is a must have.


Never has there been such a successful, eclectic combination in the world of fashion. The tankini is a staple in many women’s wardrobes. By delivering the comfort and coverage of a tank top with the freedom of a bikini, the tankini provides for all tastes. In 2018, a range of new fabrics, patterns, prints and textures have emerged for the tankini. They are attractive and beautiful for all body shapes and sizes. It is a swimwear trend which is guaranteed to be popular.

The trikini

Few women’s clothes can enhance your figure and flatter the curves like a trikini. Featuring a fabric strip at the front, the trikini brings the comfort and function of a one piece to the fabulous appearance of a bikini. Thanks to its structure, the trikini is a versatile piece loved by women. Seeing as it is currently trending, you can expect to see it at poolsides and beaches in 2018.

The high neck bikini 

Also known as the crop top bikini, this is a trendy type of swimwear today. The high neck bikini combines form and function. Covering much of the chest it is for those who want to be modestly sexy at the beach or the pool. As a result of innovative designs and fantastic fabrics the high neck bikini has made a comeback and is going to trend in 2018.


History was made on July 5th 1946 when the very first bikini was designed and revealed to the world by Frenchman Louis Réard. Ever since then, the beautiful poolside and beach staple has been reinvented countless times. The bikini designs described above are going to be popular trends in 2018. Make sure to get yours in time for the summer.

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How to Choose a Bikini

How do you choose a bikini? 

If you are experiencing difficulties on how to choose a bikini for the summer season, here are some things to consider before making your final buying decision. For many women, the most crucial selection with regards to bikini choices depends on their particular affordability. Even so, a bikini that matches with and highlights a women’s shape can be invaluable.

For that reason, before you start counting your money, it is essential that to note that cheap bikini might not necessarily always compliment your figure as perfectly as a brand-name outfit, which will be required in the sophistication of the feminine shape.

Evaluating Your Physical

Your physical aspect must be the primary concern in the perfect way to choose a bikini. If you are planning to uncover pretty much every part of your body while at the beach, you will need to select the bikini that fits you.

If you are an avid fitness enthusiast who performs well in your table class, it’s more likely that bikini hunting is going to be more comfortable for you compared to other people. Despite of that, most of the women who practice regularly still have physique problem areas they would like to conceal or maybe minimize.

Luckily, bikinis are available in a variety of designs that will portray your better attributes and draw attention away from your worst. In case your legs aren’t your joy or pride, but your torso is; therefore a halter bikini will accentuate your shoulders, as a result attracting attention out of your less than perfect parts. Bikinis with briefs or boy shorts may provide a lot more coverage for the lower part of your figure.

On the other hand, if your thighs are the primary part of your body but your upper body does not have the build you’d like, the tankini type can be of great help.

Take note also that bra top bikinis are better for ladies with more substantial busts. Majority of these sports-bra bathing suits can support your best features when you are at the beach.

The string bikini can be a tremendous success or a total disappointment depending on particular body types, which means that this bikini type is most comfortably appealing for toned and healthy body shapes.

The ladies who like to expose a lot more skin could also decide to check out the micro bikini or the ultra micro designs. Be advised though, that the last two highlighted bikini types might not be appropriate for public beaches, and should preferably be only used in private swimming pool because of their exotically revealing design.

Lifestyle Concerns

Are you the lounge lizard or a swimming type? Do your seashore trips involve an inclination for aquatic activities and sports events? These are aspects you certainly need to take into account if you are curious about how to choose a bikini.

Sure, you can find lots of bikini designs, which might appear like perfect choices. Although, if your beach activities tend to be lively and fast, you might realize that micro bikinis and string will not likely support your current activity levels. A lot of women who have donned string bikinis to water parks, for example, will be able to tell an unfortunate account regarding poor coverage. Hence, surfer ladies usually put on bra top designs to be able to deal with the difficult and tough consequences of the surf.

On the other hand, if you are a devoted tanner, you may be interested in choosing a bikini with very little coverage as conceivable. Several teenagers and young ladies specifically come to the beach in expectation of getting a tanned glow. Thus string bikinis offer the minimum number of tan lines.

The scant material used for these string bikinis have proven to be much better for this purpose. Thong bikinis will undoubtedly reduce tan lines across the buttocks area, but these can be a liability for less-than-perfect body shapes.

Additionally, always remember that even though sheer bikinis are the most efficient to cut down on tan lines, they tend towards being way too revealing for open public locations.

At Funky Pods not only can you afford cheap quality bikinis, but you can also choose from a huge range of different styles and colours.

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Hamburger Speakers

Funky Pods’ Hamburger Speakers are portable, manageable and highly powerful mini devices, which offer an excellent and first-rate quality sound. These handy devices have an elegant, neat and user-friendly design.


The versatile, high-volume speakers can easily be connected to any apparatus with a 3.5mm jack. The compact mini hamburger speakers come with a built-in rechargeable battery that has a very long life. The speaker can be charged easily by the USB cable provided alongside the product. The rated voltage of the hamburger speakers are 3.7V DC and the rated power is 2W.

A special and lovely feature is that the device can give an excellent performance for about one to two hours. The charging time comes only around three hours. The on/off button in the equipment serves to switch on and switch off the mini speaker. This comfy speaker has a long standby mode and it offers brilliant bass sound.

Another incredible and unique feature of the product is that the speaker can be expanded and used according to any occasion. The folded size of the product has a diameter of approximately 5cm and a height of about 3.5cm (5cm 3.5 cm). The unfolded size of the apparatus has a diameter of about 5cm. The height of the unfolded mode is about 5cm (5cm 5 cm). This exceptional feature makes this product quite advantageous and desirable among many buyers.

Other specifications

This trendy and stylish portable mini speaker has a design layout in plastic material. Another exceptional quality of this apparatus is that it has a solid body, which has a fairly good grip. The original color of this amazing and remarkable product comes in a chic black one, but is now also available in purple!

The device is quite convenient to carry anywhere as the weight comes around 56 gram only. The interface type of the product is USB, the speaker type of the speakers is Surround’ and the audio classification is Mini.

Another marvelous feature is that it comes with high quality hi fi boxes. The length of the USB cable is around 440 cm, long enough to guarantee efficient connections through a fairly large room. Hamburger Speaker

This solid hamburger speaker supports Line IN function and it can be connected with a wide range of devices like Mp3, MP4, PC, Notebook, phones etc. Another one of the features of the products is that they are very flexible and can be used for a variety of purposes. They function perfectly well in the home theatre system and give a whole new experience to the music lovers. This means that they can even be used with any portable audio player.

It is also interesting to note that due to their high volume speaker specialty, they can be used with karaoke player. This makes them highly useful for stage performances, in parties, celebrations, birthday functions, weddings, club activities and in all friendly gatherings.

The portable capabilities of the speakers make them easy to transport anywhere and thus enjoying music anytime has become quite easy. The package that each customer receives, while buying the product, has one mini speaker and one micro USB charging cable.

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Sing In The Shower With Funky Pods’ Waterproof Shower Speaker


Always singing in the shower? Looking for an affordable and efficient waterproof shower speaker? Funky Pod’s waterproof shower speaker is an ideal option. Whether you are showering, sitting by the pool, working out on the beach or even camping, this waterproof Bluetooth speaker makes you relax while you can still enjoy your favorite music. This speaker features an easy control system with a long time of audio playback. Its built-in microphone for hands-free phone calls allows you receive urgent phone calls from family, friends or work while showering. With its easy operating system and its low cost, Funky Pod’s waterproof shower speaker is a must-have accessory for everyone.


Technical Specifications:

  • Water Resistant: The accessory is designed to survive in wet areas thanks to its water-resistant loud speaker and its built-in microphone that makes it fit for outdoor and indoor activities alike. Its elegant design and small size make it portable to any place.
  • Easy Bluetooth Connection: The speaker can be equally connected to your tablet, smartphone, or computer in a matter of seconds. You can control songs and control the volume of the speaker. The speaker will connect from more than 30 feet away to make you enjoy your music while you are showering. It is has a USB charge and automatically pairs with your device once in range.
  • Compatible with all types of Bluetooth media players and electronic devices (smartphones, tablets. computers, apple and android devices)
  • Long Battery Life: FunkyPod’s waterproof shower speaker has a long lasting battery. It can give you up to 6 hours of audio playback before you need to charge it again. To charge it, plug it into the charger and in less than 3 hours, the speaker will be fully charged and ready to use.
  • An Attachable suction cup: The speaker suctions well to the wall of your shower or any other flat surface. It can suction also to the back of your smartphone.
  • Amazing Sound Quality: You get premium sound quality that enhances your experience of music and phone calls.

Where to use this speaker:

The speaker can be used everywhere. It is portable and can suction to any flat surface indoor and outdoor. This waterproof Bluetooth speaker is specifically designed to give you a unique musical experience in wet and dry areas alike. In the shower, by the pool, on the beach, driving or camping, FunkyPod’s waterproof Bluetooth shower speaker is your ultimate choice for an enhanced musical experience.

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Funky Pods Earphones – great sound everywhere you go!

Earbuds are a type of earphone that rest on the outer ear or need to be inserted into the sound canal. While there are numerous brands of earbuds out there, Funky Pods earbuds are very special. They are specifically designed for your ears and are extremely comfortable to wear. Don’t be fooled by their appearance as these they may look very similar to the earpieces that you get as freebies with portable music players and mobile phones. The similarity stops there as these ear pods produce superior sound with an excellent soundstage. Read further to find out why you should buy one.

Off late, the headphones industry has become more interested in how a product looks rather than how it sounds. Funky Pods earphones belong to that rare group which thinks that both design and sound are important. This thinking shows in the design of these sleek ear pods that are suitable for all kinds of ears. The thoughtful design of these earbuds does not end there. The acoustic components are well machined and extend into your sound tunnel to deliver sound directly into the ears. The earphones are available in a host of vibrant colours to suit all your moods. Since they are highly affordable, you can buy more than one and swap them on a daily basis! What more? They are sweat resistant, too which means that you can use them during all your activities including workouts.

On the cable of Funky Pods earbuds, you will find a built-in remote control and microphone. This in-line controller guarantees that you don’t need to take your phone out of your pocket for changing tracks or for taking phone calls while on the go. After a few days of typical use, you will vouch that it is a simple task to take them out of your pocket without facing any hassles due to the tangle-free nature of the cables. Although the earbuds are small in stature and size, they are solidly built and can withstand the daily rigours and the everyday use a typical customer like you. Since they are in-ear, they require a certain level of care. But with proper care, they can last for a long time.

A Funky Pods earphone is just not a pretty package alone, it produces an incredible sound too. There is a solid emphasis on bass. At the same time, all the other frequencies including middle, high and upper trebles are given their proper due. This results in the production of well-rounded and well-staged compact sound that will surprise you. True to its design, this in-ear earphone gives complete noise isolation, keeping your music in and other surrounding noises out.

These earbuds are compatible with all electronic devices including iPhone, iPad and iPod. You can enjoy free shipping from anywhere in Australia. For all the latest updates, you can follow us on Instagram and Google Plus.

Go ahead. Order a pair of Funky Pods earbuds and enjoy high-quality sound right from your pocket.

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Welcome to Funkypods

Welcome to – the ultimate destination for the best earphones.

FunkyPods brings together Australia’s funkiest and cheapest earbuds.

Select from a wide range of cool colored earphones. Red, blue and orange – the choice is yours!

What are earbuds?

Specifically defined by the geometry of the ear, earbuds are extremely comfortable to wear. These uniquely designed earphones minimize sound loss and maximise sound output, creating a superior compact sound. As you may already know, earbuds are a new generation of earphones that are inserted inside the external part of the ear canal. Unlike traditional earphones, which might not always suit every ear due to human ear deformities, earbuds fit any kind of ear as they are simply placed inside ear. Fubkypods’ earbuds are noise isolating, which eliminates constant and ambient noise.

Funkypods earbuds features:

  • Built-in remote control & microphone
  • Profound bass tone & compact sound
  • Easy to wear, suitable for all types of ears
  • Many colours to choose from
  • Sweat resistant
  • Noise-isolating
  • In-ear design

Why should I go with Funkypods earphones?

Funkypods earphones are colourful, comfortable to wear and give you that extra something.

Funkypods’ earbuds are compatible with any of the following electronic devices including iPhone, IPod and iPad.

So get your coloured Funkypods today and take your music experience to a whole new level!

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